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Shaping the future of Education through Technology

Through our e-learning platform our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to enable schools to manage their day-to-day operations both in the physical and online environment and maintain, analyse, and publish data about learners’ achievements and academic behaviour.


Shaping the future of Education through Innovation

The demands on good quality education and online learning platforms are becoming increasingly important as societies gravitate towards content bearing technology. Opportunities crafted through ICT, increasing capacity for innovation and closer large scale partnerships have never been greater.

Professional Development

Shaping the future of Education through Digital Literacy

Exclusively developed for Educators, Bhelela’s Educator Academy Portal is a great source of information to educators, principals and school administrators. Our training programs are designed to establish clear expectations for ICT use in a classroom and are SACE approved.

The Bhelela C3™ (Classroom Content Cloud)

Shaping the future of Education through Technology
Our C3™ is the leading solution to dramatically simplify and manage the delivery of digital content and e-learning capabilities to schools, regardless of infrastructure challenges or internet connectivity limitations.


Shaping the future of Education through Innovation

Effective e-learning is underpinned by the appropriate digital technologies, including infrastructure, digital devices, resources, content, data analytics and services.

Bhelela’s B-Learning environment enables the online platform for Educators and Coaches to create an online classroom.