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About Bhelela

The advent of the twenty-first century has seen a number of technological developments which affect almost every aspect of our lives. At the core of this is the ever-growing use of ICT in all realms of life, from the workplace to the sports field, in schools and on a personal or social level.

Although e-learning technologies are generally accepted in education institutions, their role entirely depends on the acceptance and execution of required change in the thinking and behaviour of the developers and users of institutions. It is very hard to change the behaviours, cultural bonds and lifestyle of the users in the educational institutions.

Educators, Learners and Administrators are used to traditional pedagogy and educational administration and research are constantly reporting that many e-learning projects are falling short of their objectives due to many reasons but on the top are the user resistance to change according to the digital requirements of new era. It is argued that the suitable way for change management in e-learning environment is the training and persuading of users with a view to enhancing their Digital Literacy and thus gradually changing the users’ attitude in positive direction.

Education is core to a country’s sustainable vision for the future. South Africa is a country that has overcome many obstacles and barriers from a previously unequitable education system and has made much progress in the effort to provide a free and fair education system for all. There are many steps in the journey of progress that still need to be made to improve the education system and ultimately contribute towards the realisation of sustainable economic growth. We at Bhelela recognise that this momentous task requires both innovation and effort. It is visible in our business direction and continuous refinement of developed products and services that we know making the right effort towards attaining this goal.

Who we are

Bhelela Technologies is a proudly South African organisation with a focus on e-learning and Analytics. Since inception in 2010, Bhelela Technologies has grown from a basic e-learning hardware provider to a fully fledged Edu Tech provider

What we do

At the core of our purpose as a company, is Education. We have overcome several barriers to provide accessible digitised education for all. We offer unique services linked to a relationship between educator, learner and our delivery platforms

How we do it

Assisting the education sector by providing tailor-made e-learning products, training and services to educators, whilst we deliver quality content management and hardware solutions designed for continuous support to schools, learners and educators

Our Goals

Education is the vehicle to accumulate knowledge for the benefit of society and we constantly look forward to ready schools for the 21st century digital era. A dawn of inclusion, creativity and innovation has ascended upon us. Our goals are:

  • Preparing our educators for 4IR
  • Shaping learning management & leadership
  • Fostering parent involvement
  • Pioneering Digital Literacy
  • Gravitating towards personalised learning